What’s The Tea

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We’re not judging, but if you’re not snuggling up to a good book with a warm cup of coffee, does it even count as self-care? Didn’t think so. Here’s the tea:

This Mug? Spill It.

A good mug is hard to find. But when you spot it, you basically find any excuse to drink from it every day. Take this mug, for instance—it's black with hot pink and amazing all over. Plus, it has a handle that was pretty much made for your hand. Bonus points for bringing it to the office (just look out, someone might try to snag it from your desk). After all, the drink in your hand deserves to be just as stylish as you are. We'll cheers to that!

This Book? Need It.

In today's culture of stress, competition, and perfect images, it's all too easy to hit rock bottom. Confronted by anxiety about our appearance, our performance, and ourselves, we can feel trapped, imprisoned by the person society expects us to be. The only way to escape that prison is to learn to love who we are—who we really are.

Be Free. Be You. is all about the journey to wholeness and happiness through loving and embracing the real you. With humor, empathy, and honesty, Achea Redd takes you through the ups and downs of her own life and uses her story to show you the path to self-love and authenticity. Let this book be your guide to finding happiness in the person you really are.